Three important elements caused us to plump for LeasePlan: the competitive price, the excellent standard of service and the possibility of concluding a degressive contract.

Janssens Field Services was incorporated in 2006 and handles field engineering assignments in the telecom and alarm sectors. “For anyone ordering an Internet, landline telephone and/or Internet package from Telenet or Belgacom or another operator, chances are you’ll see one of our engineers turning up at your doorstep to perform the installation”, Janssens Field Services’ HR & Administration Manager Steven Genné explains. The Group employs a total workforce of around 450 staff, most of whom are constantly on the road.

Pitching for a new leasing company

Last year, Janssens Field Services decided to expand their vehicle fleet by 120 new cars. To do so, they put out a pitch which several leasing companies responded to. LeasePlan came out the clear winner.
Three important elements caused Janssen Field Services to plump for LeasePlan: the competitive price, the excellent standard of service LeasePlan stands for and the possibility of concluding a degressive contract. The latter especially was a major focal point for Steven Genné: “Suppose one of our customers was to terminate his contract with us, LeasePlan allows us to cancel the contract we have in place with them in turn. Although this comes at a certain price, this way at least we can be certain that we will not have these cars sitting idle in our car park until our contract expires.”

The company has mainly Volkswagens on lease from LeasePlan. Janssens Field Services deliberately chose for the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, as they can be used as light goods vehicles, whilst offering five seats, a huge plus for the engineers driving these cars.

Good vehicle fleet policy as an added boon

Janssens Field Services also enables its engineers to make private use of their cars. Although to date the company has not encountered a great deal of obstacles to attract new employees, a good car policy has certainly been helpful in this respect, Steven Genné offers.
“When we announced that the fleet was being expanded with new cars, to assign the vehicles we went by the performance, the quality and flexibility of the work put in by our people. The response was overwhelmingly positive”, Steven goes on to say.

This vision is closely in keeping with the ‘Engagement Programme’, which goes hand in hand with the ‘Talent & Salary Plan’ recently launched by LeasePlan. The ‘Engagement Programme’ offers employers a range of opportunities to attract the right people, but also to commit new hires to their organisation, by offering a lease car as a fringe benefit. Often this is seen to work out a lot more profitable for the employer and the employee alike.

Steven Genné
HR & Administration Manager - Jansssen Field Services