Operational leasing is an all-in-one formula that brings greater financial security at the end of the day

One year ago, Kockaerts broker’s agency took the plunge with LeasePlan. The agency was looking to expand its product offering and expressed an interest to start offering operational leasing from LeasePlan. Since then, Kockaerts has received particularly heart-warming reactions, largely from clients working in a liberal profession and SMEs. Which explains why Kockaerts is focusing on these two target groups by sending out targeted mail shots extolling the virtues of the benefits and the accounting treatment of operational leasing.

“The clients who opt for operational leasing are especially taken by the permanent mobility aspect and the fact that it does not involve any administrative red tape. It is an all-in-one formula, which also brings greater financial security at the end of the day, as it rules out unexpected bombshells”, Kockaerts business consultancy agency business owner Andre Kockaerts explains.

Kockaerts himself is elated with the fact that he is now able to offer operational leasing through LeasePlan, if only by way of protection of his insurance clients who would otherwise be wrested away by dealerships. André Kockaerts also underscores the fact that his agency itself operates in the area of financial consultancy, which makes it an added boon that they are now able to provide their clients with expert advice in this area too.

André Kockaerts
Business owner - Kockaerts zakenkantoor