As far as raising awareness of as well as adopting a forward thinking approach to electric cars goes, LeasePlan was closest in tying in with our own views

Xeikon is an International company that currently employs a workforce of 500 staff. Half of these employees work in Belgium, scattered across the Lier head office, a toner factory in Heultje and the Prepress division in Ypres.

LeasePlan ranked highest in terms of raising awareness

Xeikon already previously worked with LeasePlan, but some five years ago, the company decided to start buying its company cars under direct management. Five years on, with the printer manufacturer driving around in its own cars, they decided to go back to leasing cars in collaboration with a leasing company. In doing so, Xeikon reviewed the ways in which they would be able to work with a variety of different leasing companies. Based on a number of barometers, they picked out the leasing company which they would go on to work with.

“We put an x number of leasing companies side by side, setting out a number of barometers that are important to us. As far as raising awareness of as well as adopting a forward thinking approach to electric cars goes, LeasePlan was closes in tying in with our own view, which explains why we decided on LeasePlan”, Frank explains.

Volvo V40 as Junior Car to attract new employees

The employees that drive a company car at Xeikon will be allowed to choose between a Volvo V40, a Volvo V60 or an Opel Zafira. The decision to go back to leasing cars and to come up with a different selection of cars has clearly met with success, as we currently have 11 more people at Xeikon that drive a company car, compared against the time when the company still ran the cars under direct management.

Xeikon places a premium on green values, something which the company is keen to convey to its employees as widely as possible. This is reflected in the fact that most employees are seen to opt for the greenest of the three cars on offer: the Volvo V40. But it was not just by virtue of its green credentials that the Volvo V40 was included in the Xeikon fleet. The decision was also a deliberate tactical move.
“As an employer, cars enable you to attract new employees or retain people already in place. Which is why our cars are fairly luxuriantly appointed, and why we also have a Junior Car in our selection. The Volvo V40 oozes sex appeal. It is the kind of car you can take anywhere you choose, so it is definitely a car you could present to a prospective new colleague”, Xeikon Fleet Co-ordinator Frank Pacqué explains.

Frank Pacqué
Fleet coordinator - Xeikon