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LeasePlan ambitions to provide a fully flexible ‘Any car, Anytime, Anywhere’ service

International Coordination

Do you not only manage a fleet in Belgium, but also have cars driving abroad?

LeasePlan offers you an international solution that will make your cross-border fleet management a great deal easier.

Consultancy Services

Managing a fleet is more than ever a complex balancing-act between cost-control and the best service for the driver on the one hand and ecological considerations on the other.

LeasePlan Consultancy Services is a comprehensive consultancy service providing tactical and strategic advice for fleet and mobility issues.


Quality care and impeccable customer service are hard-wired into LeasePlan’s DNA. Day after day, LeasePlan’s extensive partner network delivers high-quality services to LeasePlan car drivers.


Operational leasing is an all-in-one formula that brings greater financial security at the end of the day
André Kockaerts
Business owner - Kockaerts zakenkantoor
Awarding all members of administrative staff a company car is anything but customary, but it marks out our firm as a definitive trendsetter.
Annette Wilmes
Fleet manager - Bureau d'avocats Claeys & Engels
As far as raising awareness of as well as adopting a forward thinking approach to electric cars goes, LeasePlan was closest in tying in with our own views
Frank Pacqué
Fleet coordinator - Xeikon
As an all-in formula, operational leasing brings peace of mind
Rigo Meys
Business owner - Rigo Meys Verzekeringen