As an all-in formula, operational leasing brings peace of mind

Eighteen months ago, Linden-based broker’s agency Rigo Meys Insurance decided to start offering operational leasing in collaboration with LeasePlan. The agency saw the perfect opportunity to expand its range of services. Rigo Meys Insurance business owner Rigo Meys states that operational leasing remains uncharted territory to many, but that people’s interest is quickly piqued once they get a handle on the benefits it involves.

“As a rule, it is financial leasing that is especially well known, but once it is made clear just what operational leasing entails, clients often end up going for the latter formula and the certainty that they will not have to contend with unexpected extra costs popping up. “As an all-in formula, operational leasing brings peace of mind”, Mr Meys goes on to add.

Rigo Meys also considers the fact that he is able to offer clients this kind of product as an insurance broker to be a plus, as this enables him to present his clients with something which most of his competitors do not have. In additional, operational leasing allows him to tap into a different target group, enabling the agency to attract a new clientele. “Moreover, working with LeasePLan is a real pleasure”, the business owner concludes.


Rigo Meys
Business owner - Rigo Meys Verzekeringen