LeasePlan takes on the role of a veritable expert and arranges everything for our vehicle fleet, from A to Z.

British Telecom (BT) is the biggest company in the field of telecoms worldwide. Over the years, BT has gone on to become a genuine communication solutions corporation.

“We have around 100,000 staff, across 149 countries”, explains Inge Tubbax, Senior Buyer for Benelux & Nordics BT Group, “Back in the day, BT was largely in the business of telecommunications. These days, we are much more about bringing communication technology solutions for businesses, such as networks and cloud solutions. We chiefly work for large international organisations, such as NATO and the European Parliament.”

Longstanding collaboration

The collaboration between BT and LeasePlan has been up and running for over a decade. Previously, BT had company cars from a variety of different leasing companies, but gradually this was downscaled to a single leasing company for all of their vehicles: LeasePlan.

In order to make it easier to run things at an international level, last year BT put out a pitch. Here too, LeasePlan came out best in class. Inge Tubbax stresses the fact that to BT, LeasePlan takes on the role of a veritable expert. Which is something of a necessity as BT does not have staff of their own to handle the management of their vehicle fleet. Which means every aspect of the BT vehicle fleet is handled by LeasePlan, from A to Z.
“Our comparative analysis marked out LeasePlan as the best leasing company, for one thing because their lease rates are within the realm of what we expected, but equally because the service they offer is quite unique. For instance, LeasePlan seconds a member of staff to our offices 2 to 3 half days a week to handle all communications with our motorists. Which has the distinct advantage that our people have personal contacts with one and the same person who knows their situation, rather than putting in anonymous telephone calls to a helpdesk”, says Inge Tubbax.


Inge Tubbax
Senior Buyer Benelux & Nordics BT Group - BT ltd.