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In vehicle management everything hinges on mobility. In the case of LCVs even more than with cars. Because in many cases LCVs are crucial to the business. In fact, a vehicle that's immobilised has a direct and noticeable impact on business revenues.

LeasePlan has a structured approach to managing LCVs which is based on three major pillars: minimising planned and unplanned immobilisation of a vehicle, optimising cost-control for the LCV and managing driver behaviour.

The LeasePlan LCV team will help you to manage your LCVs so that you can supply your customers with effective and efficient products and services.

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A van is not a car

It might sound obvious, but a light commercial vehicle is not a car. Nevertheless, many leasing companies offer exactly the same service for both passenger and light commercial vehicles.

LeasePlan now offers you a tailor-made solution that not only meets the specific requirements for a fleet of light commercial vehicles, but which also reduces the administrative and operational red tape.

Our 3-pillar view

LeasePlan has a structured approach to managing light commercial vehicles (LCVs), which is founded on three major pillars:

  • Minimising planned and unplanned immobilisation of a vehicle
  • Optimising LCV cost management
  • Managing driver behaviour


Step-by-step plan

We won't tell you how to run your business. You know all too well what requirements your vehicle fleet has to meet. However, we can help you to find the right vehicle for the job.

LeasePlan has developed a 7-step plan to meet all your needs. Our LCV experts will analyse your specific business activity and determine the size of your vehicle fleet in accordance with your business objectives.