List price
      69.711,- EUR
      Fleet discount
      14 %
      New car tax
      4.957,- EUR


      CO2 category
      CO2 emission
      191 g/km
      CO2 participation
      121,95 EUR
      A new type of vehicle that is introduced always has to meet certain conditions. For example, Europe imposes certain restrictions regarding emissions of NOx, CO, hydrocarbons and particulate matter (soot). This is called the Euro standard.
      Average consumption
      7,30 l/100km


      Fuel type
      Engine displacement
      2.987 cc
      Engine power
      275 hp - 202 kW
      Fiscal power
      15 hp
      Body type
      Number of doors
      Number of seats
      Front 245/40 YR 20
      Rear 285/35 YR 20
      Run-flat tyres
      Top speed
      250 km/h
      Maximum mileage
      220.000 km
      Did you know that some options positively influence the second hand carprice and so possibly your monthly leasing installment? The options with a positive influence for this car are: metallic paint, airconditioning, GPS, alloy wheels, leather interior and xenon headlights.
      Monthly lease
      1.269,59 EUR
      (VAT excluded)

      Contractual parameters and optional services

      Yearly mileage

      10.000 km
      The annual mileage is the total number of kilometers the vehicle will drive per year. Along with the duration the annual mileage is an important parameter in calculating the leaseprice.


      60 months
      The duration is the total number of months the vehicle will drive. Along with the annual mileage the duration is an important parameter in calculating the leaseprice.


      0 EUR
      By paying a downpayment you lower the monthly lease payments. The downpayment amount should be somewhere between 10% and 25% of the net investment. The net investment will be reduced by the amount of the downpayment. The list of proposed vehicles already takes into account the downpayment amount you introduced.

      Service package

      Fuel service

      When you choose fuel through LeasePlan, you will receive a national fuel card that gives you access to all fuel stations from Shell, Esso, Q8, DATS24 and LUKoil in Belgium.

      Winter tyres

      If you choose winter tires through LeasePlan we guarantee you a set of winter tires at all times (according to normal wear).

      Purchase option

      When you choose a purchase option, you have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease contract at a predetermined price, being 16% of the net investment of the vehicle.

      Standard equipment (41 items)


      • Dual Cast Breaking System

      Tuning / Optische elementen

      • Interieurpanelen Metallic effect (Dark Mirror)
      • JAV Urano Polished 20'' + 245/40 & 285/35
      • Remklauwen in Rood
      • Sportpedalen in inox
      • Unicolor lak

      Audio / Communicatie / Instrumenten

      • Dagelijkse kilometerteller
      • Maserati Sound System 280W 8LS
      • Navigatiesysteem (GPS)
      • Park Distance Control VR/AR
      • Radio CD/DVD SD USB Aux-in + touchscreen 8.4'' MTC
      • Toerenteller

      Aandrijving / Onderstel

      • ASR
      • DPF (Diesel Partikel Filter)
      • Start & Stop
      • Suspension Skyhook Set-Up


      • ABS (antiblokkeer remsysteem)
      • Bestuurdersairbag
      • Derde stoplicht
      • EBD (elektronische remkrachtverdeling)
      • ESP
      • Gordijnairbags
      • Immobilizer
      • Passagiersairbag
      • Regensensor
      • Veiligheidsgordels in de hoogte verstelbaar
      • Zijdelingse airbags

      Comfort / Interieur & Buiten

      • Automatische airconditioning
      • Centrale vergrendeling met afstandsbediening
      • Elektr.sportzetels (8-weg)
      • Elektrisch verstelbaar stuur hoogte/diepte
      • Elektrische en verwarmde buitenspiegels
      • Elektrische ruiten achteraan
      • Elektrische ruiten vooraan
      • Full lederen interieur
      • Gelamineerd ruiten VR (zon en geluid)
      • Maserati Active Shift Paddles
      • Passagierszetel in de hoogte verstelbaar
      • Sportstuurwiel in leder
      • Stuurbekrachtiging
      • Vloermatten in fluweel

      Add more accessories

      If you order an accessory via LeasePlan, your car will be delivered including the accessory. In this case, LeasePlan is owner of this accessory and therefore, at the end of the contract, the car has to be returned including the accessory. To add an accessory, please select first the type of accessory and fill in the correct price. The price of an accessory should be requested upfront from the dealer. Do you wish to retain the accessory after the contract, order the accessory directly from the dealer and leave this field blank.

      Add more packs and options

      Option packs
      Bestuurderassistentiepakket Plus
      3.500,- EUR
      • Adaptieve cruise control met Stop & Go functie
      • Surround View Camera
      • Blind Spots alert system [QXAN]
      Interieur Carbon Pack
      300,- EUR
      • Deurdrempels in carbon
      • Schakelpaddels in carbon
      Pack Premium
      1.100,- EUR
      • Easy Entry/Exit
      • Home Link
      • Armsteun AR met verlichting+12V/USB
      • Automati. dag/nacht buitenspiegels [Q58J]
      • Kofferklep met elektrische opening en Kick Sensor [Q7YZ]
      950,- EUR
      • Verwarmbare ruitensproeiers
      • Achterzitbank met vewarming
      • Elektrisch bediend zonnescherm achteraan [Q4B2]
      Audio / Communicatie / Instrumenten
      450,- EUR
      Blind Spots alert system
      650,- EUR
      Bowers&Wilkins High Premi. Sound System 1280W+15LS
      2.300,- EUR
      DAB Radio
      350,- EUR
      Harman Kardon sound system 600W+10LS
      1.500,- EUR
      0,- EUR
      Wi-fi Vehicle Hot Spot
      750,- EUR
      Comfort/ Interieur & Buiten
      Automati. dag/nacht buitenspiegels
      200,- EUR
      Bekerhouders met Amerikaanse maat
      0,- EUR
      Binnenbekleding Natuur leder
      4.100,- EUR
      Elektrisch bediend zonnescherm achteraan
      450,- EUR
      Elektrisch verstelbare pedalen
      350,- EUR
      Elektronisch verstelbaar schuifdak
      1.300,- EUR
      Gelamineerd ruiten AR (zon en geluid)
      900,- EUR
      Geventileerde voorzetels
      900,- EUR
      Handschoenkast elektrisch afsluitbaar
      100,- EUR
      Kit vermwarmde zetels VR/AR
      850,- EUR
      Leder binnenbekleding 'Poltrona Frau'
      0,- EUR
      Leder geperforeerd met verfijnde structuur
      2.100,- EUR
      Leder met verfijnde structuur
      2.100,- EUR
      Privacy Glass
      450,- EUR
      Sportstuurwiel met carbon inleg
      650,- EUR
      Stoelverwarming voorzijde
      450,- EUR
      Verwarm.sportstuurwiel (als Interieur Carbon Pack)
      350,- EUR
      Zonder badge uitvoeringsniveau
      0,- EUR
      Lading/ Trekvermogen / Vervoer
      Kofferklep met elektrische opening en Kick Sensor
      700,- EUR
      Tuning / Optische elementen
      Alcantara hemelbekleding (5KW)
      1.450,- EUR
      Carbon exterieur pack (spiegels/deuren/bumpers)
      2.950,- EUR
      Carbon inleg
      2.750,- EUR
      Houtinleg hoogglans Ebano
      1.200,- EUR
      Houtinleg natuurhout Radika
      750,- EUR
      Inlegplaatjes Rovere Veneer
      1.200,- EUR
      Inlegplaatjes in Piano Black
      2.550,- EUR
      JAV Proteo 19'' + 245/45 & 275/40
      0,- EUR
      JAV Teseo 20''+245/40 & 285/35
      450,- EUR
      JAV Teseo BLACK 20''+245/40 & 285/35
      750,- EUR
      JAV Titano 21'' + 245/35 & 285/30
      2.200,- EUR
      JAV Titano Glossy Black 21''+245/35 & 285/30
      2.500,- EUR
      JAV Urano 20'' (glanzend Zwart)
      1.850,- EUR
      JAV Urano Glossy Black 20''+245/40 & 285/35
      300,- EUR
      Kit Nerrissimo (buitenelementen in zwart)
      2.000,- EUR
      Kit Nerrissimo Carbone(buitenele.in zwart+carbone)
      4.950,- EUR
      1.000,- EUR
      Mica lak
      1.000,- EUR
      Parelglans 'metallescent' lak
      1.000,- EUR
      Parelmoerlak tri-coat Bianco
      2.650,- EUR
      Parelmoerlak tri-coat Blu Nobile
      2.650,- EUR
      Remklauwen in Blauw
      200,- EUR
      Remklauwen in Zilver
      200,- EUR
      Remklauwen in zwart
      200,- EUR
      Trident logo op hoofdsteunen VR & AR
      350,- EUR
      450,- EUR
      LED lichten in Zwart
      0,- EUR
      Remmen assistent/autonoom remmen
      0,- EUR
      Reservewil 18''
      350,- EUR