Private sales: find your dream car at LeasePlan!

LeasePlan Outlet Centre offers private consumers pre-owned cars that meet the highest quality requirements.  From the huge stock of end-of-contract cars, we make a strict selection. Only cars between six months and five years old are eligible for sale. 

Moreover, we have a full service history for each car. Plus, each car is sold with a Car Pass certificate and a one-year warranty, valid at every official dealership of the car make you are buying.


LeasePlan’s used cars are only offered for sale
; LeasePlan does not offer leasing or financing for these vehicles. Unfortunately it is not possible to purchase your current vehicle; if you wish we can put you in touch with our professional buyers. 



Do you have a specific question? We are happy to help you out. 

Tel: +32-16-61 93 55
Address: Industrieweg 23 - 3190 Boortmeerbeek - Belgium
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: from 08:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 13:00 pm to 17:00 pm.
Friday by appointment only.
Closed on weekends and holidays.


  • The best value-for-money range of fairly new second-hand vehicles
  • The keenest price, including a one-year guarantee valid from each official brand dealer
  • Complete maintenance history (official brand garages)
  • Extremely strict selection criteria
  • High level of fixtures and fittings
  • Guaranteed mileages, certified by Car Pass certificate
  • The trustworthiness of the biggest leasing company


LeasePlan Outlet Centre gives you a 12-month warranty as standard, which is valid from any dealer of the brand from which the car is purchased (*).

Given the high quality demands we make of our vehicles, we offer you the option of extending the warranty to 24 months (**).  The extra charge for this is 850 EUR including VAT.


(*) the detailed terms & conditions of the guarantee are included in our General Terms & Conditions.

(**) only possible for vehicles with a maximum mileage of 180,000 km at time of purchase, and this up to a maximum total mileage of 200,000 km.


Carkit, trailer hook or leather upholstery? You can contact LeasePlan Outlet Centre too for extra accessories.

We can also supply new tyres (summer or winter) from our stocks and fit them if you wish.

The prices and availability depend on the accessory requested and the type of vehicle.


Below you can find a number of examples of the most popular accessories. The prices and availability depend on the accessory requested and the type of vehicle. Prices include 21% VAT and fitting.

  • Bluetooth Carkit:   395 EUR
  • Fixed trailer hook:  from 395 EUR
  • Removable trailer hook:  from 595 EUR
  • Tinted rear windows:  from 500 EUR
  • Leather upholstery (original factory quality!)  from 1,500 EUR

Just contact us for more information.