Private Lease

Carefree, ultra low-cost driving
for private individuals.

You would like to have a new car but you are dreading the significant investment, the many unexpected expenses or the paperwork? Then don’t buy one and go for the new, clever solution instead. LeasePlan now offers ‘Private Lease’ in Belgium: leasing for private individuals.


Private Lease gives you a brand new car for a fixed monthly amount during an agreed period. Everything is included: third-party insurance - risk retention - legal assistance – VAT - road tax - maintenance - repairs - tyres – European breakdown assistance – financing costs. With Private Lease, you get to enjoy the unique advantages that only used to be reserved for those driving a company car.

Ultra low-cost

So how does LeasePlan keep its monthly lease price so incredibly low? As the market leader, we negotiate the most competitive volume discounts on the car with all the options and services. As a result, you get to enjoy the ultimate driving experience at a rock bottom price.


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What is Private Lease?

You get to drive a brand new car for a fixed monthly fee, so you no longer need to put your savings into a car that loses its value fast. As soon as the contract ends, you return the car.

All this is included:

  • Insurance policies: civil liability, risk retention & legal assistance (your contractual indemnity in case of non-recoverable damage: €450)
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Tyres (unlimited)
  • European breakdown assistance with replacement car for up to 5 days in case of breakdown while on the road
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Road tax and VAT
  • Financing costs

What isn’t included?

  • Fuel consumption
  • Traffic fines
  • Snow tyres
  • Replacement transport in case of repair or maintenance. However, you do get a replacement car for up to 5 days in case of breakdown on the road.

Why is Private Lease
ideal for you?

  • For a surprisingly low monthly price you drive a very well-equipped, always new car.
  • Smart: your savings aren´t immobilised in a car that declines in value year after year.
  • No surprises: all your car expenses combined into 1 clear monthly invoice.
  • Everything included: car registration tax, civil liability, risk retention & legal assistance and European breakdown assistance.
  • No worries about costs for tyres, maintenance or repairs and 24/7 assistance ...
  • More driving pleasure at a lower cost: as market leader, LeasePlan obtains substantial volume discounts.
  • You are guaranteed of the lowest price, without having to negotiate it yourself.
  • Upon expiry of your contract, you can once again look forward to a brand-new car.
  • No hassle: everything is handled for you.

Your monthly price: why so inexpensive?

LeasePlan is the market leader in lease cars. Because LeasePlan purchases thousands of cars, we can negotiate the best price and obtain the biggest volume discount. That applies to the car, but also to civil liability, risk retention & legal assistance, maintenance, repairs, tyres and breakdown assistance. After your lease period, LeasePlan sells the car at the highest possible trade-in value and this is what keeps your monthly rate so surprisingly low.

As a result: you get to drive a fully-equipped model at an amazing monthly rate.


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Exactly what does Private Lease offer?

Think of it as renting a car but for a significantly longer period than usual. The car is and remains the property of LeasePlan, but you receive the right to use it - for which you pay a certain lease rate. Things like depreciation, maintenance, insurance & risk retention, tyre changes, interest, car registration tax, road tax, breakdown assistance are all included in the lease rate. You will have to cover your fuel, fines, replacement car in case of maintenance and/or damage repairs and winter tyres.

How can LeasePlan offer cars at such a low rate?

As the world leaders in operational car leasing, LeasePlan is able to offer exceptional rates.

Is there a minimum age for ordering the car?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driving licence.

Can my partner, son/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, neighbour, ... drive the car?

Yes. Make sure that anyone you allow to drive the car possesses a valid driving licence. You remain responsible for the car at all times, even if you lend it out to someone.

Must I arrange for the insurance myself?

No, we provide civil liability, risk retention & legal assistance.

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