It’s easier to leaseplan.

A few examples to illustrate how we make it 'easier' for our customers and drivers:

Integrated Services

LeasePlan knows that you have better things to do than check the oil level and tyre pressures. You can sleep soundly at night thanks to our Integrated Services. When it's time for a service, our official repairers and tyre centres carry out preventive checks free of charge. Tyre pressures and treads, lights, oil level, windscreen wipers, windscreen washer liquid and damage to glass: all these things are checked down to the last detail. Our online reporting tool gives you an up-to-date overview of all the checks carried out on your car or vehicle fleet. So you don't have to worry about such things yourself - and that's what LeasePlan's service excellence stands for.

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Fleet Balance

Managing a fleet is more than ever a complex balancing-act between cost-control and the best service for the driver on the one hand and ecological considerations on the other. That's what LeasePlan's Fleet Balance is there for. An integrated solution that makes it possible to map out all aspects of your fleet and assess them. Thus you can give preference to effective and sustainable solutions.

What is your perfect balance? 

LeasePlan Driver Services

LeasePlan Driver Services is the point of contact for all drivers of LeasePlan vehicles. When a driver takes possession of his company car, he will immediately find the number of Driver Services among the driving documents - +32 (0)78 150 600. Any driver can contact us for any kind of practical question that might arise when using the vehicle.

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Talent & Salary Plan

There are two sections in the LeasePlan Engagement Programme - the TalentPlan and the SalaryPlan. The Engagement Programme offers employers various possibilities for attracting as well as keeping talent in their organisations, by offering a lease car as an extra benefit. This is often a lot more beneficial, for both employer and employee.

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Fleet Outsourcing - Can't do everything?

Large fleets of more than 50 vehicles... they involve a great deal of detailed work. Operational tasks that take up huge amounts of time and energy. And hold you back from your strategic decision-making. No wonder so many fleet managers outsource the management of their vehicle fleets. And in return give them a bit more breathing space.

Will you go for Fleet Outsourcing? If so, a team of expert managers will take over the operational management of your vehicle fleet entirely. Yes, that's what we said: entirely. Thus your drivers can contact us at all times. A direct communication that satisfies them and saves you a great deal of time.

You have the expertise to run your business... ... and your fleet in general. We have the ready knowledge in the fields of automobiles, financing and maintenance. In this way we create a team in which everyone exercises his strongest talents.

You occupy yourself with strategy and essential decisions, we do the rest!

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