Recommended Car policy

LeasePlan shares its expertise with you concerning: choosing the right car and fleet management with the use of our Recommended Car Policy, an extensive and detailed evaluation system of the most current cars on the Belgian market.
Would you like to handle thoroughly and professionally the choice of the different models in your fleet, then can you weigh up that choice to three criteria People, Profit and Planet.


In the aspect People data concerning functionality, reliability, delivery and security are the bases of our evaluation system.


All the financial aspects of a car fall under Profit.


Off course you can put the factor environment-friendly in your car choice.

The Recommended Car Policy works entirely on your measures, according to the aspects where your company attach more or less importance.
On this basis, scores are granted to each model and are indicated clearly.

Would you like to know more about our Recommended Car Policy or do you want start with it? Your familiar LeasePlan account manager will run through all the possibilities and functionalities together with you.

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