Why opt for LeasePlan

The motto ‘It’s easier to leaseplan’ says everything about our focus on customers and service.

Our customers can expect the best from the market leader. And it's precisely for that reason that we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to put our brand promise ‘It’s easier to leaseplan into practice.

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Fleet Balance

Put your fleet management and peace of mind back into balance with Fleet Balance, an efficient tool to enable your fleet to evolve into a perfect balance.

Recommended Car Policy

LeasePlan shares its expertise with you concerning: choosing the right car and fleet management with the use of our Recommended Car Policy, an extensive and detailed evaluation system of the most current cars on the Belgian market.

Engagement Program

Finding and attracting talent is not an easy task for a company. Retaining talent is even more difficult.

For this reason LeasePlan developed the Engagement Program, with services such as Salary Plan and Talent Plan.


GreenPlan is a specific, step-by-step plan by LeasePlan to make fleets environmentally friendly in the long run.

The aim is clear: choose for a better environment and at the same time save on your fleet costs.



An accident cannot always be prevented, but there are some measures you can take in order to decrease the risk of getting involved in an accident.

That's why we offer you SafePlan.