All forms of transport
in your pocket.

A single card for
all your mobility needs.

LeasePlan believes that people should be free at all times to choose how they get around. Even for people with a leased vehicle, it may be easier to use some other means of transport. With the LeasePlan Mobility Card, you can choose between train, bus, tram, metro or bike share (Villo!, Velo, Blue-bike) - if necessary in combination with your trusty car.

Long queues on the roads? A customer visit in the city centre? LeasePlan encourages its customers to be smart in the way they use their car.
The best mobility solution will often include a car, but supplemented with other means of transport such as public transport, bike or taxi - for total flexibility!

Say your employee is entitled to a company car worth 600 euros per month. He or she could alternatively choose a car for 500 euros plus a Mobility Card, to which 100 euros of credit will be added every month. If the employee is not entitled to a company car, he or she can still use the Mobility Card as a variable element of the total remuneration.

The Mobility Card allows the employee to make more rational decisions about his or her company car, putting together the ideal mobility mix at any moment, as required.

What is the
LeasePlan Mobility Card?

It is a prepaid payment card that can be used for the train, tram, bus, metro, taxi, parking, electrical charging and bike-sharing.

More than a card:

  • Alternative transport modes on one card. With the LeasePlan Mobility Card you can use:
    • public transport operated by SNCB-NMBS
    • public transport operated by De Lijn
    • public transport operated by STIB-MIVB
    • bike-sharing services offered by Villo!, Vélo and BlueBike
    • public multi-storey car parks and on-street parking
    • taxi services
    • public electrical charge points


  • Support via the LeasePlan Mobility app:
    • check your remaining credit
    • find out which means of transport are available where you are
  • Look up all details via the self-service website:
    • available services
    • available budget
    • overview of past transactions
  • Reports:
    • overview of active LeasePlan Mobility Cards
    • details of past transactions

Contact LeasePlan Consultancy Services.

A team of mobility experts will be happy to develop a customised mobility solution with you.
We will accompany you every step of the way, from the intake interview through to support during implementation.

Advantages of the
LeasePlan Mobility Card?

For the employee

  • Easy: Your employees no longer need to advance the cost of their alternative modes of transport themselves, or pay for them with the company card. Straightforward central management of all transport costs - both vehicles and other modes.
  • Made to measure: Depending on the transport possibilities available to you and traffic conditions, you can choose the transport option that best fits your situation at the time you want to travel.
  • Flexible: You can choose your mode of transport for your commute on a day-to-day basis. As a result, you are no longer compelled to sit in traffic queues every day. You decide how you want to travel on the day.
  • Less stress: The flexibility and freedom to choose how you get to work is sure to mean less stress for you and your employees.
  • More options: The Mobility Card offers more possibilities than just a car (‘more pay’). It gives employees access to train, tram, bus and other modes not previously included in the remuneration package.
  • Smarter all through the year: How many people choose a large company car just because they want to go on holiday by car in the summer? If they opted for a smaller car, they would have more money left, and could afford to hire a people carrier for the holidays, for example.

For the employer

  • Attractive HR tool: The Mobility Card can be used in a flexible remuneration approach. It may be a way of attracting good new candidates or offering your current employees more flexibility.
  • No extra charge: You pay nothing extra for the card. You will therefore be able to offer more to your employees at the same price.
  • Smart investment: LeasePlan will conduct a preliminary survey with you to find out whether there is interest among your employees, what the potential is, what the chances of success are, etc.

Consultative approach: Three-phase plan

Quick scan:
after a comprehensive analysis of your business location(s), where your employees live and the availability of alternative transport modes, LeasePlan identifies the user potential.

Pilot project and mobility budgets:
in the second phase, LeasePlan helps you to start an internal pilot project and set the mobility budgets.

Roll out:
in the final phase, we support you in the various stages of implementation in your organisation.

In short

If you are considering a mobility budget, three factors play an important role: the technical solution, a clear and simple legal framework, and introducing the scheme in your business.

Technical solution: a Mobility Card

LeasePlan has developed a 'car+' formula in the form of a Mobility Card that is offered in addition to the company car. The idea behind the card is that the user can choose every day how to travel. It is the individual end user that decides. Because what’s a good solution for one person may not be so for another.

The government needs to simplify the legislative framework

It is the task of the government to simplify the legislative framework surrounding the mobility budget, as this is currently very unclear. There are different rules for different transport modes, and a distinction is also made between work-work, home-work and private journeys. A uniform treatment in terms of both tax and employment law would make things much clearer and significantly reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Introducing the Mobility Card in your business: policy and change management

It is advisable to use a change management approach when introducing a mobility solution. Often, your employees will be used to driving everywhere, and the prospect of a change of outlook can be challenging. The usefulness of a mobility budget depends on the proximity of transport modes and the willingness of your employees.

Transport modes:

The more transport modes there are near your business and your employees, the more benefits such a solution can provide.


The key word with the introduction of a mobility solution is ‘freedom'. We recommend leaving it up to your employees whether or not they want to be involved. Some will want to hold onto their current company car, while others will opt for a combination of car and alternative modes.

Keep me informed

Are you interested in a mobility solution? LeasePlan Consultancy Services would like to keep you informed.