Operational leasing places your car budget under your control

Were you aware that the purchase outlay of your car accounts for just 40% of the total cost? The bulk of the costs go to fuel, insurance, servicing and tyre changes. Then there is the courtesy car, roadside breakdown assistance, damage management, contract administration and buying and selling the vehicle. Which makes keeping a close eye on all these expenses extremely important. LeasePlan Direct is on hand to do that for you, by assembling all of these costs in a single, fixed monthly sum. Enabling you to evenly spread the costs over a longer period of time, and giving you perfect control over your car budget.

Standard elements included in your lease contract:

  • Interest and amortisation
  • Full repairs and servicing and interim top-ups of engine oil and coolant
  • Repairs, servicing and tyre expenses throughout the term of the contract
  • Third Party Liability Motor insurance and Vehicle insurance (All Risks)
  • Road tax and vehicle registration tax (VRT)
  • 24/7 service in case of breakdown or damage at home and abroad
  • 24/7 on-call telephone hotline
  • All glass breakage repairs
  • Unlimited courtesy car

You are doing yourself a favour tax-wise too

All the more so as you are only paying VAT over the amortisation, not over your total investment. What is more, you get to spread this VAT over the full lease period, which means you will not be required to allocate pre-financing funds. Which is obviously a nice added bonus.

In addition, LeasePlan Direct comes with a lot of extras

  • You get an unlimited number of summer tyres and – if agreed under the terms of the contract – winter tyres.
  • In all cases, you get a courtesy car, for as long as you need it. There are no restrictions to just 5 working days a year. A unique benefit.
  • All LeasePlan Direct lease contracts include reassuring insurance cover. Which yet again serves to highlight the ease and comfort that comes from working with a single point of contact for all your fleet requirements.
  • If you opt for a fuel card through LeasePlan Direct, you will also be reaping the full benefit of the significant volume discounts we get on fuel.
  • Plus using the fuel card also dispenses with the need to hang on to fuel receipts which subsequently need to be processed.

If the costs turn out to be higher than estimated, you do not pay a single penny extra. You are not taking any chances by signing up with LeasePlan Direct. If the actual costs – with the exception of fuel – exceed the fixed estimated monthly invoice amount, LeasePlan Direct makes up the difference. Plus you will not need to spend your time and energy on trying to sell your vehicle. That is another thing LeasePlan Direct takes care of. And we cover any losses incurred on the sales price. You will be billed only for the extra fuel consumption.


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