Naturally, nobody likes to think about an accident, but at LeasePlan we like to be well prepared. And as a fleet manager, you no doubt feel the same way when it comes to your drivers. 

For those who like to be prepared for the worst, LeasePlan has introduced driver insurance. This supplementary insurance on top of ‘regular’ third-party insurance is available from €2.60 per month. 

And the benefit? If one of your drivers causes an accident while driving a LeasePlan vehicle in which he or she is injured, this insurance covers the personal injury at the time, the physical effects up to three years after the accident and a death benefit. This means that even if your driver causes the accident, he or she will be fully protected! 

If you'd like to see whether driver insurance is something for your drivers, or if you have any other questions, simply fill in the contact form at http://www.leaseplan.be/driver-insurance.