In the previous issue of Intentions, we informed you about the low-emission zone (LEZ) that had been introduced in Antwerp's city centre and part of the Left Bank. Meanwhile, the city of Ghent has also announced that it will be following suit in 2020. The LEZ in Ghent will correspond to the 30-kilometre-per-hour zone in the city centre, i.e. the area within – but not including – the R40 ring road, and excluding the Nieuwewandeling-Blaisantvest axis and the entry and exit roads to the Gent Zuid car park. This is in addition to the news that the city of Mechelen will also be introducing an LEZ in the course of 2018.

An LEZ banishes the most polluting vehicles, such as older diesels and very old petrol cars, from urban areas. This depends on the Euro emission standard. This emission standard – a rating of 1 to 6 – should be stated on your vehicle registration document (see ‘milieuklasse’ (‘environmental class’) section). The higher the rating, the less your vehicle pollutes. The nice thing about current company cars is that they have a much shorter lifespan than personal vehicles. In all likelihood, you'll be able to enter an LEZ in your company car without any problems. But if you're in any doubt, you can visit the website of the Flemish Government and the Department of the Environment, Nature and Energy for more information.