If your drivers have to be in the centre of Paris or in one of the 69 communes of the French capital’s inner suburbs, since January of this year it is compulsory to have the so-called ‘Crit air-vignet’ (certificate of air quality or environmental sticker) on the car windscreen. The environmental sticker is also applicable in Grenoble, Lyon and Villeurbanne. In September, the list of cities will be expanded with Strasbourg and surroundings, Lille and Bordeaux.   

There are six different Crit’Air stickers, according to the environmental friendliness of the car. Each municipality determines its own rules of the game. 

Without sticker: a 68 euro fine
Is it useful to order the  Crit’Air sticker? Yes for sure, because otherwise drivers can get a fine. The amount depends on the car. For ordinary passenger cars, the fines start at 68 euro. A  Crit’Air sticker costs 4.80 euro and can only be ordered online. How? Share this Crit’Air link with your drivers. What they have to do to obtain the sticker is explained in five steps.