LeasePlan Belgium exists since 1972.

As the pioneer in leasing and fleet management, the organisation has developed into the market leader in Belgium.  As the market leader, LeasePlan manages a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles.

From small businesses to large multinationals, each of our clients receives the attention it deserves. Even those with just one car in their portfolio. 

LeasePlan Belgium is a subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation and is a member of Renta. LeasePlan Corporation operates in thirty-one countries and is the world market leader in operational car leasing.

Our vision

We aim for an optimal partnership. That can only be achieved by effective dialogue. So that we can implement your car fleet policy in all its detail. And you know perfectly well where you stand. But LeasePlan does not rest on its laurels. Just like you, we are changing all the time. With the development of new products and services. The deepening of our knowledge and experience. But also by constantly improving our quality.

Global warming is a fact. CO2 emissions are a major contributing factor. LeasePlan wants to take responsibility for this, together with fleet managers and drivers, and as a result has developed GreenPlan. GreenPlan is a series of practical steps developed by LeasePlan to make your vehicle fleet more environmentally friendly in the short-term.

The aim is clear: choose for a better environment and at the same time save money for your fleet.