Fleet up to 20 vehicles?

LeasePlan Direct is a leasing company specially set up for a specific group of businesses: independant professions (doctors, lawyers, etc.), one-man businesses and smaller SMEs (Small and Medium Entreprises), which often do not get the service and rates they want from large leasing companies.For this group of businesses LeasePlan has devised a special formula. Within that formula our experts focus their attention on your business, with an offer that takes account of your size and your budget.

Find your car

Have you set your sights on a specific brand or model? You have a budget in mind? Below you will find the lease car that meets all your needs.


Starting from:
641,- EUR

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Starting from:
458,- EUR

Volvo V60

Starting from:
377,- EUR

Citroen C4 (Grand) Picasso

Starting from:
439,- EUR

Volvo S60

Find your car

24 months 72 months
20.000 km 50.000 km
200,- EUR8.700,- EUR

Full service leasing

A car is a key tool for any business. Not being mobile leaves you at a standstill, literally and metaphorically. Only, you are asking yourself: should I buy or should I lease? Which formula is best suited to drive your business forward?

For SMEs, the independant professions and self-employed persons, operational leasing is by far the best-suited solution. In a practical, administrative, financial as well as fiscal sense. Here is the wide range of benefits in a nutshell.

Renting with purchase option

Courtesy of our new ‘renting with purchase option’ formula, LeasePlan takes care of everything for you. With this new product, you are free to purchase the car at the end of your contract at an extra affordable rate. This enables you to become the owner of the car at a set price, i.e. 16% of the net purchase price, regardless of contract duration or the number of kilometres on the clock.

Leasing quote from your agent

Operational leasing via LeasePlan is the most interesting formula for you as a smaller SME, self-employed person or practicing an independent profession.
Your trusted agent is happy to give you more information. He knows the benefits of this formula, but most importantly he knows you and your business.
Therefore you can be sure of a solution that suits you perfectly.


LeasePlan has been active on the Belgian car leasing market since 1972, managing a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles and is market leader in Belgium since 1986.  

When it comes to car leasing and fleet management LeasePlan is thé specialist.



Operational leasing is an all-in-one formula that brings greater financial security at the end of the day
André Kockaerts
Business owner - Kockaerts zakenkantoor